Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been featured!

I was the Friday Feature for the Designers and Buyers of Custom Boutique group on June 13, 2008! Thank you so much for the feature!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Craft Show Applications...

I have finally done it. I have finally gotten my first of three craft show applications in the mail. The hardest part was putting together the non-existant craft show booth so that I could take a picture to submit with the applications. Well, several hundred dollars and drops of sweat later, this is what I have created.

I have potentially two more applications to go. It is absolutely amazing at how much money can be spent just on entry fees alone. We are really hoping that this financial and time investment will pay off. Maybe it will pay off big time and I can quit my day job!

If you are reading this, please post comments about any pointers and tips that a newbie may need! Any positive comments will be greatly appreciated.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

May Hairbow Sales for Prissy Sissy Bows

It's that time again.... This is the time set aside for me to brag about the hairbows that I sold during the last month--of course, this time for the month of May-- in my Etsy shop,

The first bow I sold in May was shipped to Illinois. This is my White Satin and Pink Sheer Layered Hairbow. This bow measures approximately 5 inches wide, by 5 inches long, and has a stack of about 2 inches.

The next bow was sold to a company in California who plans to resell this hairbow. This is my Medium Pink Cupcake Fun Hairbow. I am hoping that this will be a big seller for them....

The next hairbows I sold were shipped to Covington, GA. Thank you for being my big buyer for May!

This is my Kitty Cat Princess Hairbow Holder. This item allows you to store your bows without them becoming crushed and smashed.

This hairbow is my I Love My Cat Hairbow in Red. This is the perfect hairbow for the cat lover!

This hairbow is my Medium Kiddie Loop Scottie Dog Hairbow.

These are my Strawberry Hair Clips in Red. These are also available in pink!

This hairbow is my Western Red Check and White Hairbow.

This is my Jesus Loves Me Hairbow with Tails. This bow measures approximately 3.5 inches wide and 6 inches long.

Thank you for looking and joining in with my excitement for the month! All hairbows seen on this website can be duplicated, so if you want one of these, just contact me through